We create (AI) software to automate your business processes so you can focus on growth.

Don’t settle for less, team up with the best. We have decades of experience in AI and software development.

You will be surprised how much can be automated with our products and solutions.

Software platforms we have built for industry leaders

Building software should be about solving problems. To get there, we need to understand your business through and through. We bring business and development on the same page. We know, development can be rather technical. But we’re not asking you to talk nerdy to us. Our My.Stekz platform and creative tools help you express your ideas in your mother tongue. Let our developers do the rest.

“Our goal is to deliver the ultimate software platform as fast and affordable as possible. Because that’s what  our method (BizDevOps) and tool (MyStekz) can do.”


SaaS products for automating single tasks.

Easily integratable into your software.

Stekz offers a suite of SaaS products for automating many well-known bottlenecks in business processes. Such as document processing, data analysis, and vizualization. And with the latest advances in AI the types of tasks that can be automated is growing very rapidly.

Our individual products are provided as a SaaS service and can be easily integrated into your software using their API’s. No worries about running anything yourself. And we will help you with the integration if needed.

Custom built software platforms that automate your entire business.

Transactional systems

We have built world-leading transactional systems for the most demanding international customers. Whether it is for ticketing, pension administration, dairy trading, liquor trading, commodity trading, … When your business demands the best in performance, security, usability and scalability, Stekz can build it. Every business is unique in it processes and software should support and enhance that. Not the other way around. That is why our tailormade solutions fit our customers business like a glove.

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AI business systems

Our AI Business Systems apply the best of AI to enable totally new business processes or boost existing ones. AI is not a goal in itself but can be a game-changer in context of a business. The AI experts of Stekz have decades of experience in both AI and business digitalization, and know how to build the AI Business System for your business.

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Digital Twins

The Digital Twins of organisations give our customers the insight and control they needed to stay in the lead. A Digital Twin gives a live overview of all the processes, applications, data and systems of an organization. Together with our customers we analyse their business and design and implement the Digital Twin that perfectly suits their need.

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We are puting business back in charge of software development again. Because digitalization starts with business requirements, not with technology. It is our core principle. We deliver with BizDevOps as our guiding method and MyStekz as our BizDevOps development platform.

“With our revolutionary BizDevOps method, we make sure that everyone understands each other before (Biz), during (Dev) and after (Ops) development. 
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.”

Success of software projects is defined by how good the business domain and processes are understood. Our experts help you with that. And the MyStekz BizDevOps platform offers all the tools and services to make this effective, easy and fun. For instance with our boardgame ‘Pro6’, our amazing business process modeler, or our Enterprise Workflow Insight System.

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Our experienced software professionals love to build great solutions for you. Big or small, mobile or web, cloud or on-premise, you name it. The My.Stekz BizDevOps platform keeps everybody on the same page, from business to technology . Making implementation faster, better, stronger. Hit the ground running!

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Stekz can deploy, run and manage your software solution so you can focus on your business instead of technology. Our operational teams make sure your platform is available and up to date. Whether it runs in the cloud or on-premise. My.Stekz offers many integrated tools to help and provide business owner with the right insights.

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Business design

In an agile manner we automate processes step by step. We know our way around business design, whether it’s Domain Driven Design, Business Process Modelling & Notation or building solutions through proven architectural standards.


Software development

We are business value driven, not technology driven. Still, we are deeply passionate about software technology. Some technologies that have proven themselves over the years: AI, Python, Rust, TypeScript, FastAPI, Golang and a whole lot more.


Operational IT

Our experts are well versed in a broad range of technologies to find the best possible combination to keep your processes running as efficiently as possible. To name a few: Cloud, Kubernetes, Workflow Engines or PostgreSQL.


We are over 25 passionate software professionals that have been at the forefront of internet technology for around 30 years. We love helping companies with a rock-solid and modern software platform that kickstarts their business.