Pro6: The Game

An interactive and fun team game to learn about your own processes

Pro6, play it to win
No clear picture of what to automate is the biggest reason why software projects fail. Domain experts should agree upon what to automate. Our in-house developed game Pro6 is a unique team game to make this process fun again. Under guidance of a Stekz professional your team will interactively model the domain and processes by laying out a board-game. Which will in the end be played like a regular board-game.

The resulting board-game (domain and process model) is the staring point of the software implementation.

Playing a game with my team was the most enjoyable and effective way of reseaching consensus on what we wanted to automate. In an interactive and lively setting Stekz experts helped us getting a clear picture of our domain, processes and bottlenecks. The result was used as the basis for the software implementation. This approach has saved us a immense amount of time, resources and frustration.

Fimme Marra