Our story, our vision & mission:

From intent to experience

Stekz has the ultimate goal of making it as easy as possible to design and build super efficient software systems. By enabling domain experts to express their intent using the tools they prefer and turn that into a working information system. 

Why? Because we are passionate about software but realise it needs to mature from a complex endeavour for specialists to something anybody with a great idea can do. The current state of the art is so labour intensive and complex that it takes hoards of developers to build broken systems that clients never wanted. Putting their money, reputation, privacy and security at stake along the way. Not because of bad intent, but because our current approach to building information systems is inappropriate for their responsibility. The consequences are rather serious:

  • Software projects massively overrun budget or never finish
  • Every IoT device is hackable
  • Our privacy is gone
  • Our data is stolen
  • The world is running out of developers
  • Taking on the tech giant monopolies is too complex and thus expensive

And this goes for every conceivable domain, whether it is about creating the latest 3D game or building a software platform for trading goods.

The only way out of this situation is by democratizing the tools for building information systems. Tools should enable anyone to build an information system by expressing their desire in their own preferred language. It is up to the tool to interpret the intent and generate the required information system. This would eliminate the root of all current problems. Domain experts know what they want and there would be no need for software developers to guess what their clients want. Neither to tediously write tons of low-level code to turn that idea into a buggy system.

These ideas have been around in computer science for many decades. But until a couple of years back progress stalled while both the number and importance of information systems have increased dramatically. Fortunately, there has been a lot of innovation lately aimed at democratizing information system building. Especially due to the advances in AI. It is the goal of Stekz to apply and contribute to these tools to efficiently build truly effective software for its clients.

Our mission is to reach our goal through solving real-world problems for real-world customers. By improving their processes through the smart application of innovative software solutions. This way our clients, the industry at large and Stekz are served.