BizDevOps is our software development method and MyStekz our BizDevOps tool. The new way to deliver better software faster.


Our BizDevOps development platform

MyStekz is a SaaS platform for developing software that automates business processes. It puts business and technology at the same table. All documents, discussions, code, designs, reviews, configurations in one place. Clearly organized and easily accessible.

MyStekz in action

Assess business requirements.

During the Biz phase employees from both business and technology work together extensively to assess all the business requirements.


Organizing users, roles, applications, systems and data  into domains keeps organizations manageable. For instance ‘Finance’, ‘Production’, ‘Sales’… The complexity of growing organizations increases exponentially, and once things become too complex it is very hard to get things under control again. ‘Domain Driven Design’ is a proven method to prevent this pitfall.

MyStekz offers a structured approach to identify and domains and document their properties, requirements, design, choices, core concepts (domain model), etcetera.


A domain offers products to the outside world. Whether that is other domains or some external user. For instance a ‘Finance’ domain can offer the product ‘Invoice’, meaning it can create an invoice for others.

With MyStekz everything related to the requirements and design of products are kept together and in context of their domain. Whether it is technical requirements, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, design, discussions, decissions or something else.


Business processes are the engines delivering products. In the ‘Invoice’ example a number of subsequent steps need to be taken to actually create the invoice. This combination of manual and automated steps form a business process. Getting a clear grasp of what the business are in an organization increases insight and control, and opens up new opportunities for digitalization.

MyStekz has a powerful but easy to use BPMN process editor. Helping teams work together in drawing the process, adding documents to any relevant aspect of processes, design interfaces for manual tasks, etcetera.

We even developed our own boardgame (Pro6) to help teams identify their business processes in a playfull manner. A huge success in getting started with business process modelling!

Write software for automating processes

Once all business aspect have been properly designed it is time to implement software for automating process steps.

Modern software development

MyStekz offers all the tools a modern software development platform requires, like Gitlab, Github, etc. But then some. The unique thing MyStekz adds is that all code is connected to a process step. This puts code in context of a process, a product, and a domain. This makes it for both business employees and developers crystal clear what the code is supposed to do. Which in turn minimizes the risk of business and technology not being on the same page.

In case customers choose to use SPEX (Stekz’ inhouse process engine) the connection between the process and code is enforced in runtime. Meaning any change in either the process or code has to be reflected in the other side. Else one of them breaks.

Configure and deploy software

Once software is written it needs to be deployed somewhere. 

Configure, deploy, operate

The ‘Ops’ stage in MyStekz contains deployment and infrastructure configurations. For instance cloud monitoring, network configuration, database setup, running test, security checks, backups, …

With MyStekz all artefacts related to the operational aspects of deploying and operating a software platform are organized within the context of a domain. This makes it clear for both business and technology how operational aspects are related to business aspects.