Task automation products 

Our suite of AI-powered SaaS products enable you to remove bottlenecks from your business processes. Save time and money by outsourcing laborious and error-prone tasks to our intelligent software. Simply integrate any combination of our products into your business software using an API. No time? No worries, we can unburden you at every step of the process so you can focus on your business. As trusted partner of successful businesses around the world we are ready to boost your business as well.

With BizBoz you get an AI assistent that is specifically trained in your domain. It will tirelessly answer any question about your company and  its domain, and give you  related references. If you are for instance a pension administrator, we will create a BizBoz that is trained on both pension laws and any relevant data from your company. It is incredibly powerful and efficient, and a joy to work with.


AI expert in your domain


Let us handle your documents.

Processing documents can be fast, affordable and painless with DocProcessor. Many business processes involve processing of documents. Whether they are ID’s, receipts, quotes, articles, or something else. Scanning, extracting text, converting and classifying  can be a tedious and error-prone step crippling important business process. Automating this manual step with DocProcessor takes away the pain and will boost your business process.

To extract the most value from your data you need proper data processing. Extracting, cleaning, updating, translating, etcetera, can sometimes be a tedious operation. If this is a crucial step in your business processes it is time to automate that step. GoDataFlow is our SaaS solution that you can plug into your software using its API.

Let AI get more out of your data.


Creative visualisations on the fly.

A picture can sometimes tell more than a ton of data. But the question is how to visualize the story the data is telling? By integrating YoDataShow into your business processes you can automate the visualization of that story. Configure your visualization in the YoDataShow backoffice and hook the solution into your business processes using the YoDataShow API.

Creating creative content no longer requires an artists and tool experts. The latest revolution in Generative AI makes it possible to create content by simply describing what you want. The difficulty is often how those tools can be integrated into your business process. That is where Stekz shines. It’s Content Creator SaaS solution can simply be integrated into your business process using its API.



Stunning content with ease.