Transactional systems

Is your business about making transactions? And want to make more of those? And more efficiently? With our state-of-the-art transactional platforms we digitalize the heavy-lifting. Our smart use of innovative software makes transactions simple, fast, cheap and automatic. So you can focus on growing your business and making important decisions. The transactional platforms we build are high performant, safe and feature rich.

Business is about making transactions. So successful business are efficient in their transactions. Great software  can really make the difference here. It can automate manual labour, provide new insights, make decissions, and open up completely new possibilities. Digitalizing your core processes with a  tailormade platform makes your life easier, opens up new possibilities, and allows you  to scale your business without limits.

We have built worldclass transactional systems for the most demanding of customers. From ticketing systems that could handle millions of simultaneous customers to financial pension administrations processing billions of euros. But we have also helped starting, ambitious entrepreneurs becoming hugely succesfull with transactional e-commerce and trading systems.

No matter what size your business, if you are ambitious we can help you making your business transactions as efficient as possible.


Using our unique BizDevOps approach we partner with our customers from A to Z on their digitalization journey. Starting with a thorough analysis of the business domain. This phase results in a clear overview of what the business is concerned with, what it is doing, and what could be improved. Next the solution will be designed. Taking into consideration advantages that technology might bring to the table. This is followed by the implementation phase. Guided by our mantra ‘reuse over buy over build’ we choose the best fitting technologies. If there is already a solution on the market that fits the bill we will integrate that. If this still needs to be developed we pick the right technologies to do the job. We are totally independent of any brand or technology. We will use what best fits the use case.