An integrated platform to digitalize your business

Stekz is the leading BizDevOps platform offering tools and services to design, build and run modern software solutions. Empowering business and technology to jointly go from business process to running software in a straight line. From startup to corporate.


It is paramount to mine & design your business processes before spending money on software. Stekz offers many tools and services for this. Play for instance our team boardgame Pro6 to work out your processes. Or use our amazing online process modeler.



Stekz offers truly innovative tools to turn large parts of your processes into working software. You can hit the ground running for many different types of businesses. As always, Stekz offers development services as well.



Your application needs to be deployed to turn it into a living service. Stekz offers many integrated tools to make this a seamless step in the process.


Our added services

Strategic advice (CTO)

Experienced CTO’s are rare and most companies don’t need one permanently. That is why Stekz offers interim CTO level help.

Audit your IT

Having seen a wide range of companies we can do both quick and exhaustive audits.

Design your solution

Using the unique top-down approach and tools of Stekz guarantees a design that perfectly fits your needs. 

Develop & integrate

We are passionate and experienced software professionals aiming to build solutions that customers love.

Build your Digital Twin with Stekz

In digitalizing your business processes you are in fact building the Digital Twin of your organization. A powerful concept that can make a big difference for the digital future of any business. So take the lead and start building the Digital Twin of your organization with Stekz.

Welcome to the future of software.

Our service expertise

Business process design

A good understanding of the domain and processes of a customer is key to the success of a software project. Conversations with our customers are therefore about the processes instead of technologies. In an agile manner we then automate processes step by step. This is the easiest and most effective way to keep customers informed and in control.

Domain Driven Design
We build software to automate processes from your domain. Domain Driven Design (DDD) is a proven approach for making sure the software development stays within a defined scope.

We use the industry standard Business Process Modelling & Notation (BPMN) to design processes that are both clear and executable. Our work in this area is actually world leading.

Archimate & TOGAF
Our software architectures are developed using the TOGAF framework and Archimate architecture modelling language.

Software development

Software is for automating processes. Whether for efficiency reasons or to deliver new business value. We are allround software professionals dedicated to finding the best possible technology for the job. We are solution driven, not technology driven. But some technologies have proven themselves over the years.

With over 20 years of experience in AI we are delighted with the recent applicability of AI to real world problems. AI really is a game changer.

We have been using Python successfully for many projects for over 15 years. To give something back to the community we have been hosting the biggest Dutch Python conference, PyGrunn, for over a decade.

If performance and security are the highest priorities we have come to love Rust. A systems programming language with a bright future.

Operational IT

Stekz professionals are well versed in a very broad range of technologies to find the best possible combination of technologies to keep your processes running as efficiently as possible.

Having built and deployed cloud solutions since 2008 we can confidently say that the cloud is here to stay. But not all clouds are the same. We have experience with all the major cloud offerings (AWS, GKE, Azure).

Kubernetes is the highly successful container orchestration layer for abstracting away the underlying layers. It makes building, deploying and software a lot easier.

Workflow engines
Your product is the result of processes in a certain domain. Those processes are our start-all and end-all of every project. Workflow engines (such as Zeebe) provide insight and control at the process level.

Postgresql is our favourite open source database. We have extensive knowledge in large Postgresql setups and migration scenarios (such as from Oracle to Postgresql).

What is a BizDevOps platform?

Platforms such as Github and Gitlab have been very succesful in improving the software development lifecycle (also known as DevOps). Stekz aims to build upon that succes by adding the business layer on top of a DevOps stack: BizDevOps. This layer consists of tools, technologies, knowledge, support and everything else that a company needs for a rocksolid digitalisation process. By neatly integrating the layers the full experience is both powerful and pleasant. But customers are free to cherry-pick only the parts that they need.

Recent Work

Solutions we built

  • Enterprise architecture for a leading Dutch pension provider
  • CTO-level advice on AI & 5G
  • Built a platform for measuring customer experience 
  • Built a high-frequency trading platform
  • Quick audit of a international trading company
  • Mobile platform for generating patient experiences
  • Built an insurance platform with an IoT base

About Stekz

Stekz is a team of experienced and ambitious software professionals. We have been at the forefront of internet technology for over 25 years. As developers, entrepreneurs, researchers and managers. But always as passionate innovators.

We have built rock solid solutions for diverse B2B businesses. From large enterprise financial systems to AI-based trading systems. And from mobile social apps to smart IoT solutions. For startups and corporates. We know all about the latest software innovations and how to use them to turn any business into a digital winner.

Our offices are in Groningen (HQ) and Amsterdam.

Our customers


Satys is a leading Dutch company in the field of realtime and continuous assessment of customer experience. Our B2B solution has to cater for a diverse set of processes for a wide range of customers. Stekz’ structured 3-step approach from processes to running systems catapulled Satys to the forefront of its market. Both the solution and the company were a perfect fit. Working with the creative and knowledgable Stekz team was a truly pleasant experience. 

Fimme Marra

CEO and co-founder, Satys

In the world of international  liquor trade Moving Spirits sets the tone. Staying ahead of the rest means we have to constantly optimise and automate our business processes. This requires a flexible and powerful trading system tailor-made for our unique business processes. And Stekz delivered. And the focus on our processes instead of their technology made that we always knew what what was going on. No surprises. We now have a modern and world-class trading system that perfectly fits the way we run our business. We are very satisfied with the high quality of the technology and the pleasant cooperation.

Frank Hofstede

CEO, Moving Spirits

Let’s improve your business.