Our story, our vision & mission:

Software built for Business outcomes

We aim to design and build software systems, as easy and efficient as possible. Because we are passionate about software but realise it needs to mature from a complex endeavour for specialists to something anybody with a great idea can do.

We aim to deliver:

  • Processes that create business value, with as less effort as possible.
  • Nearly unhackable systems and devices.
  • Privacy as an human right.
  • Businesses that are back in control of their digital landscape.
  • Processes, decisions and software that are owned by the business instead of big tech giants.

We do this by democratizing the tools for building information systems. We believe that tools should enable anyone to build software with ease by expressing their outcome desire in their natural language. Without depending on the interpretation of software specialists or general solutions with vendor lock-ins. 

Stekz stands for:

  • Open source
  • Non-dependend (no vendor lock-in)
  • Privacy by Design