Easy modelling

Using our super user friendly modeller domain and technology experts can jointly work out your processes.

Model to control
After playing our inhouse created game: Pro6, your team agrees on the domain and the process to automate. The next step is to formalize the processes. Stekz offers a unique set of user-friendly tools that adhere to the industry-standard BPMN. The tool serves as the common ground between your domain experts and software specialists. Making sure they agree in detail about the information system that should be built. The resulting BPMN model is a formal description that forms the basis of the final product.


GDPR and Certification proof
The GDPR regulates how your (gathered) data is protected and privacy is guaranteed. Modeling your business processes with our tools enables and ensures you to have the needed principles of data and security protection by design and by default for GDPR and other certifications your company upholds.