Tailored software platforms that fully digitalize your business.

We fully digitalize companies by automating their core business processes. Creating their digital DNA. From startups to scaleups. Applying all our technical skills to build something that really takes the business of our customers to the next level. And we have done so for the most demaning international customers. From analysis, through software development, to  implementation. Below you will find the types of solutions we are particularly good at.


Complete support from A-Z

Stekz is your dedicated digital partner when building your ultimate digital platform. We guide you on your digitalization journey from A-Z. Our BizDevOps approach ensures you will be constantly in the control and in the know.  Each development cycle goes through each of the three stages:

1. Analyze your business requirements (Biz)

2. Design and implement the digital solution (Dev)

3. Take the solution into production (Ops)

Transactional systems

Business transactions at scale.

We have built world-leading transactional systems for the most demanding international customers. Whether it is for ticketing, pension administration, dairy trading, liquor trading, commodity trading, … When your business demands the best in performance, security, usability and scalability, Stekz can build it. Every business is unique in it processes and software should support and enhance that. Not the other way around. That is why our tailormade solutions fit our customers business like a glove.

Our AI Business Systems apply the best of AI to enable totally new business processes or boost existing ones. AI is not a goal in itself but can be a game-changer in context of a business. The AI experts of Stekz have decades of experience in both AI and business digitalization, and know how to build the AI Business System for your business.

AI business systems

Fully automated business. Smart.

Digital Twin Organization

All data, applications and processes in sight. Realtime.

A Digital Twins Organisation give our customers the insight and control they needed to stay in the lead. A Digital Twin gives a live overview of all the processes, applications, data and systems of an organization. Together with our customers we analyse their business and design and implement the Digital Twin that perfectly suits their need.